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What is your TOP 3 ideal birthday presents?? (Men only) please help?

Birthday present to a him , once close friends

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How were Saddam Hussein and the men around him able to create and sustain such a powerful regime,?

... especially after all the setbacks during the two decades before the 2003 war?

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Why there is no "men's protection desk"?

since there is women's protection desk, shouldn't there be one for men?

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Where can I find out about men's health on the Internet?

Looking for a few good sites that contain general information about how to stay fit and healthy.

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I work as house cleaner,why(some)women treat me badly?

i dont have problems with men but some women who rent me to clean her house treat me badly,sometimes it was ...

33 answers | | Open

Do girls like chubby guys at all or are they really just settling because they cant have the hunk ?

Im talking about not obese men, but guys that are just... average ...

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Please help me I need to know if any of the 2 men is the father of my baby?

ok i had sex with my x december 19,20 then had sex with my friend the next day for the rest of ...

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