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Butter and soft-serve ice cream upset my stomach, but milk and cheese don’t. Lactose intolerance?

I don’t really know if it’s lactose intolerance since milk itself doesn’t bother me. But anytime I have anything particularly ...

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Milk,tea and lemon are good for skin?

is it milk,tea and lemon are good for the whitening skin?

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I missed my period last month. Imy pregancy test is negative . but my breast is leaking breast milk?

I missed my period last month but I took a pregancy test and it ...

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Why isn't "soy milk" called "soy juice"?

same thing with "almond milk" and "coconut milk". i thought only mammals make milk.

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Why do I feel sick in the mornings after drinking fluids?

In the mornings I cannot stomach liquids- milk, water- you name it. It makes me feel sick, or I gag or I cough. ...

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