1- Preserving the top position in Indore's Dairy Industry, Nitin Ji Jain has been instrumental in the success of Shreedhi Milk's recognition as the 'Best Growing Brand'

2. Overcoming the industry challenges and maintaining a solid position with spotless operations, pure sourcing, transparency, devoted to hygiene, offering a vast range of products with an excellent marketing strategy summed up as 'Shreedhi - Sehat Ka Pehla Pyaar'

3. Just like milk rises to the top, Shreedhi Milk brand has risen across Madhya Pradesh as a powerful household name by meeting the needs of every consumer and imparting great health benefits

4. Nitin Ji Jain states, "We cater dairy products across all seasons, manufacturing it with the best technology practices, employing thousands of farmers, empowering families with equal opportunities"

5. Nitin Ji Jain works selflessly to help children, women and the elderly with compassion, equality and kindness in his heart. He is associated with different branches of the Jain Samaj Group - and leads the projects with utmost care and love for others.

" If you have the opportunity to help even one person, do it today" - Nitin Ji Jain quotes with a smile

Summary : Shreedhi Milk's Brand Leader gets facilitated at the Jain Ratan Awards, 2024 and his contributions in Jain Samaj Group are celebrated