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Why does my messenger app setup look different?

My ffriends shows ppl he has searched up top, while mine will only let me search the bar to write someone. An when I do it doesn’t say at the ...

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Interviewer called boss?

I had an interview on Monday and they called my current employer (I gave them permission). I found out on Tuesday that another coworker of mine gave ...

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Who owned the Merkers salt mine in 1939?

This is where the Nazi's hid their gold.

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I am 14. My friends dont care about me. I am too quiet. Id like to find new friends. Help?

So i am lonely. I have nobody to talk to. And sadly i dont know what to do ...

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What is your favourite animals? Mine is Dogs?

Once I went to the zoo and I realized I just love animals in the whole world! So I just really, really want to know as much ...

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How much is a petty theft ticket from walmart?

How much is a ticket for petty theft? A friend of mine got caught stealing saline solution at walmart and they just took ...

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Does my Doctor co worker have a crush on me ??

I work in a hospital in nursing. I am 28 and attractive. This Doctor who is a co-worker of mine has been acting differently ...

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Am I ready to have sex?

I am only 14 , but I really love this guy. We made out several times. It's not his first time, but mine yes. When we make out it feels so ...

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