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I cannot afford my mortgage payment and utilities anymore. How can I leave and stop paying? Quickly?

I'm just unhappy with the house and everything is too expensive and I no longer want to live here. What can I do to quickly and easily leave ...

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Is it shady that my lender didn't mention about MIP on a FHA loan at the onset of our processing?

I'm in the middle of hopefully getting a house I put an offer on. ...

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Many people are going for mortgage as opposed to buying homes due to exorbitant house prices?

It seems millennials won't ever get to have the financial capacity to ...

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How does my partner buy me out? Please help (UK)?

Hi all, So my partner and I have broken up. We have a joint mortgage and she has decided she wants to keep the flat ...

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How is a lease like a mortgage?

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Why does my mortgage company require me to pay for my own credit check?

Applied for mortgage.they request that I pay for my own credit check for approval

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