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MP3 sound making?

Is there a website/free software where you can make songs with mp3 files? Like you sequence something with notes then you put the mp3 and it makes ...

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Slt , je cherche un logiciel ou une appli qui va me permettre extrait l'instrumental d'un son mp3?

S'il vous plait c'est vraiment important J'ai les son ici et je veux leurs instrumentales Merci

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Could I retrieve my songs off this MP3 player with broken battery that can't recharge now?

Comes up with a red battery and lightening in the middle symbol not working.

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Which is the best youtube mp3 converter?

I usually use, but after downloading 10 youtube videos, it says my daily conversion limit has been reached!

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What mp3 players are good for audiobooks?

-8 or more GB memory [4 just isn't enough] -long battery life, preferably more than 24 hours -Price doesn't really ...

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I need to convert some files into aac, please help!!?

Okay, Well I have a Nintendo DS and it has a feature to play music from my SD card, Thinking it was MP3 I loaded ...

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Google - How do you convert a video file to an audio file on Windows 10?

the video is already in mp3 format, yet when I try to add it in the music section as an audio ...

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How does an ipod work?

They are so small how do they fit it all in there?

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