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How do I really convince my mum to let me get a pixie cut?

I'm 12 and I've been trying to convince her for almost 2 months now, she is leaning towards yes, but she keeps stalling. She is fixated on ...

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How can I cope? Okay so I suffer from OCD, and depression I get irritated easily and also am on...

... tablets. I have moved in with my partners parents however his mum is so irritating some times. She is nosy and has a problem with everything ...

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Can my baby mum tell me to take my daughter to a party on the weekend I have her?

I’m picking my daughter up today and my baby mum text to say she has a party tomorrow I said I don’t want to take her to this party as I ...

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I hate my life?

My mum died on the 20 of november this year and since then I have hated my life. My dad calles me ugly and rude names and so does my brother. And im ...

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How can a 14 year old earn money quick?

hiya im 14 and is lookin to make money but cannot do paper rounds since of school and the spaces and times my mum is skint these ...

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What do I do if I think my Mum is cheating on my Dad?

I read my Mums diary and it had lots of things about her feelings for another man. I love my Dad and I have no idea ...

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How to stop my cats spraying?

I am 18, live with my mum and have 2 siblings that live with me and 1 that lives with my dad. I have had my cats for over 7 years, they have ...

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Am I Scottish or english?

right.. My mums Scottish and so is all her family, My dad is English and so is all his family, I was born in England and lived there about 4 ...

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