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Anyone who know a product that help men can increase testosterone and hormone as well as muscle?

I want buy a product can help me without inject

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Can Invega (paliperidone) have permanent side effects?

I had the 234mg shot then a 156mg shot a week after and I am having terrible side effects (tiredness, weakness, brain fog, increased appetite, muscle ...

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Gaining muscle while over weight?

I'm over weight and need to lose a lot. I've been weight lifting and have noticed results, will gaining muscle make me gain ...

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Is it possible to be muscular and mobile while still having a fat belly?

I'm Male, almost 18, 5'7, 190 lbs ,and I'm aware of the risks of being fat but I ...

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Am I too big to play soccer?

I am 6' 3" I weigh 280 some of it is muscle some is fat. I play football and do track and field. My average time for a mile run is ...

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Muscle growth?

Okay so i'm about to turn 14 in a few days. I workout every 2 days ( 2 rest days then workout ) I don't do heavy weights because i dont want to ...

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I'm a teen, I find it hard to put on weight, whats a good supplement to use?

I'm a teenager, I find it hard to put on weight, what are some good supplements to use, ...

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