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I need help with a song?

The name of the song is called "emotions" and I know a lot of ppl sang this... particular song IE beegees, samantha stang, destineys ...

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What is the name of a pretzel shaped doughnut thing filled with cream chocolate chips from Paris?

From a Cafe/ Bakery near a hostel I stayed at in France 12 years ago. I haven't figured it out since! It was the greatest thing I had ever ...

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Baby names for 2 girls?

I'm 16 and expecting TWINS-GIRLS! I am looking for many different names and thought I should start here. Thanks! -Gaia Elaine

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How do you get a fifth grade girl to like you?

I like a girl and I do not know how to get her to like me. Can somebody give me an answer that is 300,000% reliable, oh and ...

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What is the name of the song of snoop dogg played after thug life compilation video?

If you watch some thug life video there is a song in that lyrics it says snoop dogg

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