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I have a friend that says he was told that he was 1/64th Blackfoot Native American. Yet, when he...

... got DNA results, no such trace was indicated? It is his claim that even though it didn’t show, someone can even lose a trait from as ...

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What happened to the people here before Native Americans replaced them?

Every Native American stands on ground that once belonged to someone else. Their bones are here; why do none of their genes survive? How did those ...

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Should I change my name when I go to Korea?

I'll be moving to Korea in a few months and first name is Tabitha - which I understand can be quite difficult more non-native English speakers ...

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How did the Native Americans get to the World ?

How did the first Native Americans get to the world ? 35,000 years b.c

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I am new to Canada and learn language here. give some suggestions ~~~~?

i find it is hard for me to find chances to make native friends here. give me some ways to make ...

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Please can you check are my lyrics correct?

I wrote lyrics for my song, but English is not my native language, so there may be some mistakes in word choice, or phrases, ...

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Lesbians in Canada?

Is there any lesbians in Canada that would have a long distance relationship with a native girl? Just asking.... obviously. Actually it could only be ...

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What's "Non-smoking: No"?

I booked an accomodation, and it is stated in the confirmation form that "Non-smoking: No". is my room Non-smoking or smoking? ...

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