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Radial nerve length?

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I have to write an anatomy paper on "Reaching for a Cookie", how do I write it?

We have to include: the nerve physiology, muscle physiology, reaching for the cookie, grasping the cookie, and bringing the cookie to the mouth in ...

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Why is this teacher looking at me and I seem to get nerves when she does?

So I'm a 22 year old not good with knowing who's a lesbian and who's not. But I ...

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How to calm my nerves?

Wondering if anyone knows how to help calm my nerves and general shaking. I knows it's NOT from anxiety. It's not a panic attack. I ...

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How do I nicely decline an invite for my child to be in an overly dramatic half-sibling's wedding?

I'm not a big fan of this person, the parent they share isn't ...

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How do I stop nerve pain in my feet?

I have bad nerve damage called peripheral neuropathy

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