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My 2016 Ford Mustang Convertible top is making a popping noise?

As I'm putting the top down everything is smooth until it's about 3/4 of the way down and it makes one popping noise occasionally. From ...

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1980's Honda 200 fourtrax shifter?

I have a 1980's Honda 200 fourtrax. But the shifter seams "loose". It changes gears fine but doesn't the click noise. Like when ...

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How do I become Teachers Pet after did something embrassing?

I was with my mate we came back from a trip one of my mates said " Lets Pretend your pregnant" So I ...

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Why do I wake up as soon as I hear my alarm across the room?

I have had many occasions where I set the alarm and I would jolt up and awake as soon as I hear it. The alarm ...

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Google - Why do hamsters make hiccups noises?

She had been making these weird noises for about a week

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My ps3 broke yesterday. it won't start and it makes a noise like *click* *click*?

Is there any way to repair it or do i need to buy a new one

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Car won't start and makes a click noise when you turn the key over?

My old battery has just went out and was having to jump start my car at least once every day or two. ...

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