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Psychology question?

Have you ever questioned if someone’s way of thinking or acting was normal? Do you think a person’s normal or abnormal behaviors reflect ...

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What Is Retinal Detachment (RD)?

Retinal Detachment is a severe eye condition where the retina, a vital layer of tissue at the back of the eye, separates from its normal position. It ...

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Is it possible to lose 22 kgs in 6 months if I run on the treadmill everyday?

I really really want to lose weight so bad..I look so bad right now because i gained weight ...

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After sex my girlfriend leaves a huge wet spot, is this normal?

The spot is huge, clear, and has no smell. As far as we know she doesn't squirt. We want to know if ...

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Where can I get very cheap clothes??

I dont have much and I dont like any. I'm in middle school, i love dark colors (black blue purple ect.) I'm use to normal ...

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I am 20 year old girl and my stepdad is 40 but he keeps showing me his penis. Is this normal?

And some times he will jerk off in front of me. Should this turn me on to ...

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Is It Normal To Be Thinking About My Crush 24/7?

Hi, I'm a guy in 6th grade. So, I have a crush on this girl. I have been thinking about her LITERALLY 24/7! It ...

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