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Will Ollies Pack air in November?


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Terry and Julie visited their daughters during the winter months, from November through March.

Each daughter lived in a different city and Terry and Julies only visited one daughter each of the five months. The daughters’ names are ...

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I hate my life?

My mum died on the 20 of november this year and since then I have hated my life. My dad calles me ugly and rude names and so does my brother. And im ...

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Anyone able to help me or give insight on what I can do?

Hi, so the starting of November I felt bad for my friend because she was staying in a hotel n thought hey how ...

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I had sex with my fiance in September, my period came on the same month six days later, but the?

month of October i never had a period and now it's the month of ...

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I need help!?

Ok back in early november me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex. We usually NEVER do. But she was on birthcontroll i'm pretty positive i cummed in ...

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What's an appropriate age to wear makeup?

Like I'm 13 going to be 14 in November, but my mom said if my dad said yes that I can wear makeup, than yes but it was hard ...

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