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4 piglets. The boy is smaller but not runt like. He is often picked on. Tries to stop others nursing

I have 4 piglets about 10 days old. 3 girls 1 boy. the boy is slightly smaller then the girls but doesn't seem to be starving. He often tries to ...

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Does my Doctor co worker have a crush on me ??

I work in a hospital in nursing. I am 28 and attractive. This Doctor who is a co-worker of mine has been acting differently ...

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Do people use midwives any more?

Do people have midwives alot seen things are getinng dangerous. I know they stil have them but is midwifes a good career? My mom said ...

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Hi, my name is Josephine and I am a Canadian citizen and I wanted to take nursing in the?

... Philippines, but I am afraid that it is going to be pointless because if I ...

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Love to help people but I'm not good with math or science should go into the nursing field. Want to?

... try to become an LVN but not sure if I'm smart enough. Any ...

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