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Are the charges against Alfonso Lopez unconstitutional?

In your response, be sure to explain the concept of the Commerce Clause and, in your opinion, whether or not the decision to charge Lopez violated ...

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I have to choose between doing two things I love... opinions?

Hi. I've been playing soccer since I was a little kid. I love being in the game. I usually don't look forward to practice, but when I get ...

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If you know your child was working hard but they forget to turn things would you be mad?

I always forget to turn things in and i want someones opinion other then my own parents to see how they will react

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What is your opinion of this username?

I have this username and it is miphzihau. I was wondering if this was a good name to choose. I chose it because it was my name on ...

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Which is a nicer name for a girl between Amber or Morgan?

Which in your opinion is your preference?

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Need a mature person's opinion. This is serious(girl situation) would appreciate it if you help me?

Greatly appreciated if you read. So there is this girl, ive known her ...

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I would love to get your opinion?

Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Protestants, Fundamentalists, or a sect? State your reasoning why

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