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My son had received a small package in the mail, he opened it and found small pieces of material cut

... up. The package came from China? Was wondering what to do, it may contain Corona-virus chemical?

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Does the current travel ban in place due to corona virus affect packages coming from overseas too?

I have ordered some things online that come from overseas and i was wondering if the travel ban would prevent it from coming until the ban is lifted.

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Why is Sri Lanka perfect for honeymoon?

I'm searching a good and affordable honeymoon package. most of them are suggesting Sri Lanka. Is this have any unique places for couple.

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What does Usussfof mean in shipping?

Ordered a package from china and it just arrived at "United States Of America Usussfof", does anyone know what this means?

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What is kbcmultitrade? is this safe for investment..?

I will purchasing any one package of this company.. but i am confuse. i have not good information about this ...

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UK Courier Link Ltd ( )?

I want to send a package to Italy and Uk Courier Link has an office very close to my address and their fees are lower. ...

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Must miss work from July 4th -july 8th excuses? Strict boss vs. vacation package already paid for?

Must miss work from July 4th -july 8th excuses? This year I bought a ...

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All my friends think I'm the package, but am I?

... boys say I'm the nicest girl in school. And everyone loves my hair because it's naturally Blond-ish, ...

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