Must miss work from July 4th -july 8th excuses?
This year I bought a vacation package for the 4th of july, I was going to skip my college graduation so I could ask for this time off but my parents literally convinced me at the last minute to take work off, now I have been trying to think of good excuses to get time off and I'm running out of time!. I have already paid for my flight and hotel, should I try an emergency no show for 2 days on grounds of migrane and/or PMS (Thursday and Friday), provided we don't work July 4th (Wednesday) or should I tell him that I have a family wedding? or that I have to travel of the country for personal/legal matters?
I also live with my cousin who is my supervisor but if I need to get time off i need to formally ask for it from the company boss/owner... I am not sure how my cousin would react, I haven't gotten to know him in this aspect yet (I haven't since him since I was 5 yrs old and I just literally moved here (and I'm living with him) for about 4 months)

Additional Details
*My graduation was a month ago (requested time off for a day and 2.5 hours)
*Have been struggling at work lately
*Have been told that I should e-mail him now and let him know that I need to travel out of the country and that I can work something out (either stay in late or coming in early and or/work 2 saturdays to make up for the days I'm going to be absent?)

*The company is getting stricter about days off and the owner can be a bit "tough" sometimes, so I guess that's where my question comes in... would telling him that I have purchased the package get me in trouble?