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Nervous System - I have suffered for 38 years with pain affecting the left side of my body.

Also Allodynia on left side only. No solid diagnosis

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What are the most common reasons for tooth pain?

What are the most common reasons for tooth pain?

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Why is my left front tooth hurting every time I drink something cold?

Whenever I drink a cold drink, one of my front teeth starts to hurt. It doesn't exactly feel like tooth sensitivity, just tooth pain...

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Wat are some music websites not blocked on school?

I'm in to music that SCREAMS pain and sorrow like emo scene music you know

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Why is there a numbing feeling on my bruise?

I went skating on Sunday and this girl who thought she was so pro at roller skating decided to use her phone without looking ...

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I'm 13 years old and I havent started my period and have NO boobs. What can I do to make them grow?

I am premature by 3 months. I have been having some pains in my ...

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What can I do about a best friend dying?

One of my best guy friends has a disease caused by stress and every night he is constantly in pain, when his mind gives up, his ...

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What's the best thing to do when your feeling alone?

Recently I have been through a lot. And I mean a lot. I feel so alone each day I just sit in a room on my own ...

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