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What is the relative velocity of two beta particles moving in opposite directions at a speed of?

We know that the valocity of light is constant in all frame of reference. So the answer should be c=3×10^8

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When I drink something, white particles tend to show up. Is it safe to drink?

After I drink my pepsi bottle, I look into it and see a lot of white particles floating around in it. Of course, the particles were not there before ...

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Do subatomic particles have three-dimensional volume?

Do subatomic particles take up space in a three dimensional area? There seems to be a lot of dispute over whether they take up "meaningful ...

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Which subatomic particles take up most of the space of an atom?

- protons - Electrons - Neutrons - Nucleus

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What is the FIRST particle?

I suck at science, so apologies in advance. I know we are all made of atoms, and atoms are made of quarks and something else? But I wondered, ...

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