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Can you retake a class you have already passed?

I got a B on a grade and was wondering if there was anyway to redo the class and get an A. Please and thank you!

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Is this a special case or animal cruelty?

So I have two male Syrian hamsters father and son they have been together since birth and ever since my hamsters mom passed away he started to become ...

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Do I have you to go summer school idc I failed Semester 1 for Spanish II?

For Quarter 1 I passed Spanish II with an 70. But Quarter 2 I failed with a 60 , so my semester 1 grade for Spanish II was a 52. But for Quarter 3 I ...

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Baby names/nicknames?

My father passed away two years ago and I would love to name my son after his grandfather. My fathers first name was Luigi, I am looking for ...

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today during science, this boy passed me a note asking me to go out with him. i never really thought about if i liked him or not until then. the note also ...

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My childhood has passed bitterly as I am 34 and still I am remembering my past and feel very?

... uncomfort,my past are rearding my parents my 2 sisters and a brother,i ...

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Could I be pregnant?

Last month I missed my period but I had it early this month. When I was on it I passed out which never happened before. I been getting dizzy everyday ...

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Love - So I stated sleepin with this guy 3 years ago he is my best friend but its been very off and?

... on. We have both dated other people since we first hooked up and ...

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