today during science, this boy passed me a note asking me to go out with him. i never really thought about if i liked him or not until then. the note also said to give it to him during social studies, so i had a few periods to think about it.

i am a 13 year old girl. i think i might like him but i don't know. i don't want to say yes if i don't like him. i am also wary because i think relationships don't last at this level. he is really funny, but i don't think he can take a relationship seriously and i think it'll be akward. i really dont want this to only be a one week thing ending with him dumping me. he is nice, funny, and sweet. all my friends say i should say yes, but i am feeling a bit pressured. things used to be fine with us, but now i can't look him in the eye. why is ths?

so then, during 7th period he looked gloomy. he wasn't his usual happy self and i didn't have time to tell him that i don't really know. my friend saw him after school and she talked to him. he admitted that he liked me. i don't know how or why but everyone seems to know he likes me. i just need help with what i should do. thank you. :) sorry this is so long.