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Do we see shapes similarly?

I am doing a college research endeavor on shape perception. Am wanting to convey we likely have similar perceptions of shapes - numbers, letters, if ...

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How does mediated communication affect our self-concept and how we communicate with others?

In other words, what are the implications of advertising, websites, social networking sites, and other technology for self-concept, perception and ...

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Do you think social media affect your self-perception?

Do you think you're truly yourself on social media? Does seeing things in social media can affect you or ...

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Hi :) I'd just like to know perceptions of you guys about the effectiveness of "No bra day"?

What do you guys think about the celebration of "No bra day"?

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What is the best way of changing these perceptions of tourism ??

Lack of respect for tourism,or appreciation of its magnitude,are among the factors that have hindered the ...

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How do you distort someone's perception of reality?

I've always found it interesting to experiment with the human mind. So, as an experiment, I'd like to see ...

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