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How long dose a court to give back custody of a teenager and the teenager baby?

How long dose it take for my mom to get custody of me as a 15 year old and with a baby? If the court ordered that I can’t see her until she ...

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What is White Label SEO Reseller?

The White Label SEO reseller picks on the SEO duties for clients of another agency. Thus, a white-label SEO reseller permits an agency to outsource ...

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The Kraken or Davy Jones' Theme Song? You can only pick one answer . . .?

If you had to choose between one of these songs, which one would you choose? Why would you ...

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Google - Will the girl get shocked if I pick up her and say "you're prettiest girl ever"?

I wish girl will answer this xD Because I scare if i said this to my crush, i ...

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Problem - who should I pick? there is this really hot guy n hes like really hot like really hot n i?

... guess he wants 2 go out i mean he asked but i wansnt sure im not ...

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What gauge pick I should get for my acoustic guitar?

the gauges are light, medium and heavy. i am a begginer so i don't know what to do.

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