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Should I report this guy to the police?

Hey,there’s a guy on yt saying he’s gonna “kill people” and throw their body in the dumpsters, and f*** the police because ...

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I have an 8 month old castrated Berkshire pig?

Whenever I scratch his back, he freezes up and falls to the ground. His breathing is normal when it happens. Is this something to be concerned about?

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A cavy is a guinea pig?

Did you know the average guinea pig has a total of 14 toes? Four toes on each paw in the front and three toes on each paw in the back. A guinea pig ...

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What does it mean when a boy calls you cute?

I was in gym and we had free time so i put my hair in pig tails just above my ears. Then my friend (a boy ) came by and said ...

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In the early stages of development, the embryos of dogs, pigs, & humans resemble one another. Why?

That actual question is, In the early stages of development, the ...

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Good guinea pig names?

Can anybody think of some good/cute guinea pig names? So far I have thought of: Schnickelfritz Fluffernutter Phoebe Doodle Numbnut Cupcake ...

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I LOVE animals. My stepdad killed our pet pig and my mom chose him over me. Is that right?

My mom found her husband at a bar. They've been married three years. He a ...

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