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My period came late is it possible I could be pregnant?

I get my period towards the end of everry month usually the 30th but it didn't come this Nov not until the 3rd of December which isn't ...

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Is my cat really pregnant?

Well I think my cat is pregnant but she's only 9 months and has no swollen nipples what should I do ?

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Could I still be pregnant even though I started my period two weeks late?

So I have been tracking my period because me and my fiancee have been trying to conceive. I had one period on the 6th of October and again on the ...

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What foods should pregnant women avoid?

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Can I get pregnant if a guy cums outside of me?

I had unprotected sex a couple times and each time he came outside of me. I know precum does not contain sperm but it can ...

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Shall I make my wifes elder sister pregnant ?

My sister in Law (my wifes elder sister), lost her husband earlier by an accident, after few months her 3 year kid very ...

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Pregnant - I barely found out I was pregnat this morning should I tell my mom?

well it had all had happened at a party i had gone to last week on a fridey night so should ...

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Safe sex?well what is safe sex,I lost my virginity and now I am parnoid,what if I get pregnant?

Well me and my boyfriend decided it was time. We've been with each ...

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