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Is it possible to download/extract flash content for offline viewing? It’s a presentation?

It’s an online platform with a series of presentations that require you to click through.

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British dreams?

Hello, I am doing a comparative presentation next week including the British cultural nightdreams interpretation. Therefore, I need your help ...

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What should I make my PowerPoint presentation on?!?!?

It's not official homework for a particular subject, but just a challenge that my form teacher set all of us. ...

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Jack The Ripper - What does ''The canonical Five'' mean? Urgent!?

Alright, so I got an English oral exam coming up, and I picked the theme ''Mysteries, ...

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I have a presentation today at school, and I'm really anxious?

Any tips or tricks to help calm myself down?

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Nervousness... :(?

I need some simple tips to help me to not become nervous when speaking to a large group ( my class ). I have to deliver a presentation but I always end ...

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Why do people continue to deliver public speeches or presentation?

you might find the answer with Public speaking

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