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What are some of the best gaming chairs available on the market?

Here are a few highly recommended gaming chairs: AKRacing Masters Series Pro: This chair offers exceptional comfort with an ergonomic design ...

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Use 2-3 examples from the poem to explain why Owen feels this statement is "The old Lie" as he?

The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori.

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When does human life begin?

Hi I am doing a project on Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice attitudes. I need people to please answer the following question with either A, B, or C. ...

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My logic dictates I should kill myself what should I do?

I wouldn't say life is bad, i know there's some kid in guam or something dying of malaria or something ...

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(14) A projectile is launched horizontally at a speed of 30. meters per second from a platform loca?

(14) A projectile is launched horizontally at a speed of 30. meters ...

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Ladies: which guy would you rather marry?

Guy A: PROS: Passionate Fun Charismatic Sexy Lot's of attraction and chemistry kind/great morals great dad intelligent ...

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Online Sales Depot anyone use it or dealt with them?

Where can I find some reviews about online sales depot .. OSD .. ? I want buy a macbook pro through their system and ...

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