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College Major?

I am going into college but I am not sure what to study. I am fascinated by psychology, but I am not a fan of to listening to people's problems. ...

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I have pure science in class 12. But after board exam, I wanna pursue Psychology, is that possible?

I am from West Bengal, India. I could not take psychology for 1 because I didn't get the subject combination I wanted.Now, after boards I wanna ...

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Can I complete a Master’s program with little undergraduate knowledge?

I will be finishing my Bachelor’s in Psychology and am working on getting into a Master’s program for clinical psychology. I’m ...

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American School Algebra 1 exams 7-12 in need of extreme help?

I have completed quite a few other courses if anyone is up to trade or exchange help. I've completed ...

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American School, World Literature exam answers?

is anyone willing to give out or trade world lit answers? i have consumer economics test 4, social civics tests 3-7, and ...

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Why do you use social Media?

Hi, i'm a psychology student from germany and i'm doing a scientific study on social media. In a first step i want to create a ...

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Why do some guys behave like this?

By some guys I mean players and rapists( two random catagories, I know!) .They "play around" with girls; but if their ...

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I don't know what is going on with my emotions?

I am 14 and female, and I usually laugh a lot and yesterday I went to Morrisons which is across the road from my school, ...

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