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To put out my candle I put the lid on however I didn't know you weren't supposed to push it down...

...and secure it and now I can't get the lid off. Is it airtight or did the rubber melt to the glass? Either way, how do I get it off?

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How do I get my boobs to stay sitting on the padding of my push up bra?

I have small boobies and Every time I try to wear my push up bra, my boobs don't stay in the position sitting on top of the padding. They will ...

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My poop is too big?

Ok i know this is really gross to talk about but i really need help. I just can't push my poop out it hurts like hell. I know i'm not ...

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Are push-ups a bad punishment idea for a 14year old boy?

I have custody over my little brother. He is lazy. I hear thats how most boys his age are. Video games,eat and ...

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I accidently flushed a rolled up maxi pad down the toilet it clogged up at first but got it to push through with a plunger. ...

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My car won't start?

My car won't start, all the lights on the dashboard work, get a click sound when I turn the key, won't jump start, just starts by push

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My husband says I push him away at night but I dont remember that. Why am I doing it. I love him?

My husband has been telling me for the past five nights that I push him ...

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