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Can I volunteer with an animal without it being registered as a therapy animal?

I have a very well tempered 4h rabbit. He loves to be pet (although not picked up), he has never bitten another person, and has experience being pet ...

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Rabbit - We bought what we thought was a female bunny back in June and some of the bahaviors are?

... making me think she is a he. He is showing some behaviors that are similar to "humping" that a dog does. It is only to me kindof ...

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Answer this ?? One rabbit saw 6 elephants while going towards River. Every elephant saw 2?

... monkeys are going towards river. Every monkey holds one parrot in their ...

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My bunny is always jumping randomly up in the air and twitch and do crazy things. Help!?

Please help me find whats wrong with my bunny

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How do I prove to my mom that I'm responsible enough for a rabbit?

Ok so I don't change my fish bowl very often and my mom says if I can't do that then I ...

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Will my male rabbit ever be in love with my female rabbit like the way she loves him?Rabbit bonding?

my little girl rabbit loves my male but he is not as interested in ...

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