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DNA Results - Race Question?

Hey eveyone, Just got my DNA results from 23andMe, It's not suprising at all always knew I was very mixed as I was born in Spain (Mother is from ...

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Is it legal to put brand logos or names on your car? I want to put a big Shell logo on my RX-7?

I want to basically put like a Shell racing livery on my car.

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Mixed race couple?

so i am a white male and i did a black girl is it normal for a mixed race couple to be together

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Is my wrist sprained?

Heres how it went. My friend and I were sprinting in a race. We didn't slow down in time though and smacked into the cement wall of our gym. My ...

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This boy I know as an acquaintance stared at me TWICE in the same night? What does this mean????

So I saw this boy I know as an acquaintance at a local race. (For his ...

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If you were going to show aliens one movie what would it be?

It can be any movie and the aliens don't know anything about the human race.

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