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What is the favorite color?

Over the whole human race.

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How to fit your body? Health care in USA best for you?

Is it accurate to say that you are one of the individuals who stand by until the last moment to begin preparing for an up and coming race? Assuming ...

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I know a tribrid is somebody born of three different supernatural races, but what's a person...

...called if they are born of six? Example: Hope from Legacies. Also somebody born of a werewolf, witch, and a vampire? This is for a supernaturally ...

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Mixed race couple?

so i am a white male and i did a black girl is it normal for a mixed race couple to be together

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Is my wrist sprained?

Heres how it went. My friend and I were sprinting in a race. We didn't slow down in time though and smacked into the cement wall of our gym. My ...

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This boy I know as an acquaintance stared at me TWICE in the same night? What does this mean????

So I saw this boy I know as an acquaintance at a local race. (For his ...

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What is the difference between Latino/hispanic people and Creole people?

Are hispanics or Latinos more mixed race and Creoles are more black? Look at haiti and Dominican ...

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