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How do I figure out the odds of getting a random number based on the rules i'll give?

There's a rng that produces a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9 but when it produces a 9 the 9 is removed and a second rng instead produces a number ...

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Suppose that the random variable x has a binomial distribution with n = 38 and p = 0.58. Using the?

... normal approximation, what is P(14 ≤ x ≤19)?

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Does flooding affect an ocean environment in any way? How?

I'm doing a project and my organism's environment is in the ocean. We were given random natural disasters and I got flooding as mine. ...

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Need help finding a unique name like our other children?

We are needing help naming our new baby on the way, Its a girl! =) We have three other kids and we want her name ...

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What does it mean if you see double, triple, and quadruple numbers almost everyday?

I see a series of numbers almost everyday on clocks, license plates, bus numbers, ...

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What do you say when someone calls you short?

Like say if some random guy said, "Hey, dude, you're pretty short to play basketball, go play with someone your ...

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Why do I get random shivers up my spine when Im not cold or sick?

Happens everywhere at random times, and its uncontrollable. also, you can just feel it perking up ...

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Why do random people call me ugly?

Hi, I always get called ugly i have a nose like my fathers and it really bothers me. It's a hooked nose and i hate it. Anyway I ...

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