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What's the rarest material on Earth?

I've heard of some rare materials like gold, and diamond but the question is, what's the rarest material on Earth?

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Three leaves?

I have a tomato plant that sprouted with three leaves instead of two. Is this rare, or not so much?

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What is a rare betta fish?

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Will I get Parkinson's disease? What should I do?

I have been having most symptoms of Parkinson's disease but im only 16 this year and its rare for people with young ...

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Very light blue eyes, is this rare?

Ok, so here's the deal; All my life i have been getting comments on how beautiful my eyes are. This is the first thing people ...

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Please help me what should I do I worry about everything?

I have a sensitive gut and worry about almost everything like when I get in trouble (which is rare but still) or ...

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What does this mean, I'm colorblind, I have green eyes, and I'm double jointed in 2 places?

I just want to know why I have so many rare things.

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