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Wjhat is a Brand Collaboration?

Brand Collaboration Unlocking the World of Soccer: Collaborate with UAE Soccer's Vibrant Community! "⚽ Ready to score big with your b ...

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Unlock Success: Sunwin Healthcare's Pharma Franchise Opportunity! Ready to lead in pharma?

Sunwin Healthcare presents an unparalleled franchise opportunity. With our extensive product range and dedicated support, are you prepared to excel ...

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My boyfriend wants to have sex.... but Im not ready?

Xavier (my boyfriend) wants to have sex. so do i, but im nervous. a lot of people have filled my head with stuff like ...

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Parents having sex?

My parents are having sex, and i feel uncomfortable, im only an tween and heard them saying ready for tongight, then they kiked me out of their room. ...

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Am I ready to have sex?

I am only 14 , but I really love this guy. We made out several times. It's not his first time, but mine yes. When we make out it feels so ...

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Sex - so this girl came home with me after a party and I was all ready to go and then found out she?

... was a virgin and just wanted to do other things. She left her ...

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Problem - who should I pick? there is this really hot guy n hes like really hot like really hot n i?

... guess he wants 2 go out i mean he asked but i wansnt sure im not ...

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