Xavier (my boyfriend) wants to have sex. so do i, but im nervous. a lot of people have filled my head with stuff like "it really hurts the first time" and "once you lose it, you'll never get it back". i love my Xavier, but im not ready to give up something soooo special to me for him.
we were talking about it last night and he was saying "when we do it, do you want me to go slow?" i told him "yeah". he said "why?!". and i told him "its gonna hurt" he said "its gonna hurt anyways" and i told him "my friend says that her boyfriend picked her up and slammed her on him her first time, and i dont want something like that to happen" then he started to talk about that. lol and giving me oral sex...... it just makes me feel nervous and strange. he tells me that he doesnt just wanna have sex with me. and i know he doesnt cuz he dont try anything. but the whole sex thing still creeps me out though....... i mean what if something happens? would i be ready? how can i prepare myself?