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What Does 666 Mean?

I sometimes hear people mention this number relating it to a negative situation. Is there any real explanation that is factual?

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Larue from "Gidget" [1965]?

Whatever happened to her (Lynette Winter)? IMDb says she is "now" is a school-teacher in La Jolla. No real reason, just curious is all! I ...

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Are angels real?

If so, do we have a guardian angel?

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Are the greek gods and goddesses real?

i am 13 years old and have read all the books by rick riordan. i was wonderng if the gods in the greek mythology where real. i am ...

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Help! My iPod got a FBI warning on it! I don't know if it is real or a scam!?

I got an FBI warning after clicking on a advertised porn site( I know it is a bad habit and ...

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If the Marvel Avengers superheroes were real, who would you most likely be if they were real? Why?

I would probably be Quicksilver because I'm really fast.

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What is faze apex's real name?

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Are the Gods of Greek Mythology real? Do you know who your godly parent is?

I wanna know my godly parent, whether it is Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Artemis, ...

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