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Dealer broke contract, how do I sue?

Long story short, my car got repo'd. I went to make payment to get car back, but dealer refuse to accept payment. He wants me to pay off all of ...

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How do you refuse medical treatment as a minor?

I'm being forced to take this drug called Invega for my ocd and it makes me have alot of brain fog and aphantasia ontop of feeling weak and ...

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Need help on landlord tenant laws?

If I request to my landlord that I'd prefer someone to be home at the time that landlord want to enter my apartment can the landlord refuse me ...

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What Shall We Do When Our Daughter Refuses to Dress Up Wearing a Blouse and a Skirt?

Soon, our daughter turns 6 years old, and we have no other major problems with her ...

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I'm pregnant someone help please!!!??

I'm 15 and 8 weeks pregnant i refuse to tell the father because he is not a good person at all. I haven't told my ...

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How do I go about finding my grandfather's birth family?

My grandfather was given up for adoption at birth, he doesn't talk about and refuses to. I'm trying to ...

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My job in Louisiana makes us come in at 6:15 am and doesn't pay us till 7, is that legal?

Basically if we don't come in at 6:15 am we are either written up, sent ...

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I'm having problems with my share horse?

Hi everyone I loan a 14.3hh Irish sports horse and I'm having massive problems with him.sometimes he point blankly refuses ...

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