Long story short, my car got repo'd. I went to make payment to get car back, but dealer refuse to accept payment. He wants me to pay off all of the loan or he keeps the car, and my down payment, and other payments I made. I can't pay it all, if I could, I wouldn't of gotten a loan in the first place. I look at my contract, it clearly says that I have 10 days to pay what I'm behind to reinstate the loan. But he wants to go off this other part of contract that says if I impair future payments, that he can nullify loan, and demand I pay everything off, or lose car. He claims that I impaired future payments by removing the GPS that was on the car. Thing is, I really didn't remove the GPS. I took this thing off the car, it said GPS on it, and it had wires hanging out of it, but turns out that it was a fake. Later when I took it apart, I realized that it was empty, no circuit board or nothing. The real GPS was somewhere else on the car. So in truth, I never took off any GPS, so I impaired nothing. He's impairing me getting the car back by not accepting money. Also I did give written consent for him to put GPS on the car, but I didn't sign anything about putting some fake GPS on the car, so he had no business doing that either. How do I sue? I want either the car back, or my down payment and other payments.