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What to do when you have a crush on a girl, and they like you back, but they aren't allowed to date?

I am a 13 boy, and still in 8th grade. I know people say middle school relationships don't last that long, but there is this one girl really ...

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How can I finally be in a relationship with this man I've known for 16 yrs, but never was a couple?

We met when I was pregnant with my first child who is now 16. I told him I was with somone at the time. Over the years we kept in touch but only ...

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I'm 36, she's 43 - could I start a family with her?

I have met a woman whom I really like and we started a relationship. Neither of us have been married before, nor had any children (given that we both ...

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Is a girl nervous and likes me or trying to avoid me?

is a girl nervous or trying to avoid me?This girl who I havent talked to in a while gives me mixed signals but ...

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My parents won't accept my relationship, what now?

Hello. I am a 19 year old girl and I am in a relationship for 4 years now. We both love each other very much, but the ...

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How to get your girlfriend to kiss you?

Well i'm 11 and i have a girlfriend named Maia. She's Beautiful and I love her a lot (And I mean A LOT) We've had ...

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Please read :) does this mean anything :/?

I met this guy in grade 4. I devoloped a small crush on him, but then Faded. Then I liked him again in 5th grade. Only for the ...

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