I am 43 and have a 19 yr old girl that I am in a fwb relationship. Is this wrong. She made 1st move?

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It's wrong. It reminds me of a movie where 12 yr olds marry there grandpas...

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That's not even comparable scenarios, ffs. How old are you?

Sorry but this isn't 1934 any more. thats a 24 year difference your old enough to be her father. Would you want to date someone that's enough like a daughter to you? Sorry, but that's wrong.

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Is there something in history from 1934 when forty-three year old men dated nineteen year olds and it was acceptable?

You shouldn't have anything in common with her.

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Totally agree I'm 19 almost 20 and yeah older men can be attractive but it never works because we're at different places in life

He doesn't have to have anything in common with her for a "FWB" arrangements.

Well we do have a lot of things in common. I was not looking for this type of relationship. She's an adult. We are both having fun. We both no it won't go farther then just a fling. She can get any guy so why me I have no ideal.

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I will say, as long as it is a fling I mean why not? As long as you realize it must end and have to find someone your own age I think it is okay

You're the older one,you must take the responsibility. Not everyone that's 18 (or older) is an adult. There are people that are 40 and still aren't an adult, so I'm sure that she isn't mentally.....

This isn a bad thing I am 17 and I am with a 28 year old and it has been 4 years for us and when I turn 18 I finally get to be with him and we met only once but we have been talking for that long and plan on marrying on my 20th birthday so I don't believe this is Wong at all I say age is just a number<3

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth buddy. Keep doing what you're doing if it works for both of you. I don't think most of the people responding have even hit puberty yet.

Sorry its wrong

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yes that is wrong infact that is disgusting

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I know

She made the first move, and she's 100% legal. There's no problem with it. It would be like a cougar/cub relationship with an older woman and younger man.

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So if a guy/girl sais that he/she wants a fwb relationship with you, you just say yes??? Just because he/she made the first move??? That's not very clever I think....

It is not the norm but not legally wrong. Morally? I'm not sure I (or anyone else) should be the judge in this case. I certainly won't want my daughter in a relationship like yours when she gets of age. Thank goodness she is still too young for me to have to worry about boys!
Regardless of what anyone else says or thinks about the relationship, you are the one in it. It doesn't seem like you think it is right or else you wouldn't be asking. You have to be your own moral compass and do what you think is right. If this relationship does feel right don't let judgemental people wreck it. They aren't in your situation and have no clue what common ground you may or may not have with this young lady.
Best of luck to you!

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dude just dont. just dont.

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Okay, she is a consenting adult. She can do whatever she wants, even if that's you. It's not wrong as long as you're happy. Why should other peoples opinions matter in your relationship? It's between you and her only. If she made the first move as well, I wouldn't worry.(:

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have fun dude (no one knows we live the next day)

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It seems odd to me, but she is a legal adult. If it's what you two want, go for it.

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You're both adults. All these self-appointed judges need to check themselves, man.

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would you want your 19 year old daughter with a person this old?

she's in it for the money, the happines, the experience, or because she is bored . most likely.

to me.. as an outsider.. who doesnt get affected by your relationship.. its not wrong. but more than likely there will be a time where she will move on maybe to a younger guy or one with more financial bonus to her . not all girls. but maybe her.

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I think it is sick. But do what u want if u are both in love be together

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