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which of the waters will allow better photosynthesis (therefore greater oxygen release), boiled water, sparkling water or tap water? is there any ...

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I filed a discrimination complaint with DFEH?

They sent me forms to sign, a Authorization to release medical information, Allegations form, and a request to approve complaint form. I refused to ...

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My boyfriend just told me he's dying after a month of finding out. How should I feel?

My boyfriend went to the hospital for a work release after hurting his shoulder, and they told him he didn't have long to live. This was a month ...

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Why our body releases mucus?

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Why should I pray?

Is God really listening, or is it just a way to release my thoughts and feeling. How will I know.

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I won big in a casino. Should I sign the publicity release form?

I actually won a state lottery jackpot off of a free ticket I received as a casino promotion. The ...

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Is it true that some foods are addictive?

Studies suggest that cheese, chocolate, sugar, and meat all spark the release of opiate-like substances that trigger the ...

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I have a old single shot shot gun. The best I can read it says "fnhtne" armory "stefl". any help"?

I have a old single shit 12g shotgun with a swing release behind the ...

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