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What is the name of the platform used to carry religious statues in processions?

In Mexico and many other countries it is common to carry religious statues on a decorated platform or base during ceremonies, processions or parades. ...

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How many temples were undertaken by Indian government In or before 1951?

n 1951, the then Madras government passed THE MADRAS HINDU RELIGIOUS AND CHARITABLE ENDOWMENTS ACT, 1951, repealing all earlier acts, passed since ...

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What are the aims of the religious organization Hezbollah?

I know they're a Islamic organization but where are they based? What are their goals?

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Religious question?

i was thinking about a conversation i had with my mother i can't remember when we had it but we were talking about the story of when abraham was ...

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Should I believe in a God?

I was raised non-religious. But overal I'm missing a purpose in life, other than making money, have a family etc. I sometimes feel like a ...

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Would you...?

Would you be friends with a nerdy, shy, religious, ugly, depressed girl? Answer honestly. Would you see past the things this person is often judged for?

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Religion - Im from a religious family Im 19 with two children and not allowed to leave the house?

... hang out with friends or even have friends (my parents dont approve ...

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