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Can't remember a song?

All the info that i have singer: Male genre : Power metal lyrics that i remember (not connected) 1. like an angel sent from heaven 2. can't ...

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I can't remember how to act in a pool?

I used to be a very big swimmer. I took a lifeguard course and used to swim regularly, but over the last year, maybe 2, I stopped going to public ...

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How long do we know each other?

I met my friend about 5 years ago but we just recently realised we went to the same class 13 years ago but we can't remember each other does ...

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Help me remember what this old candy is!?

Trying to remember an old candy. It's hazelnut shaped hard candy with soft center. Kind of like a werthers or nips, but its ...

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Religious question?

i was thinking about a conversation i had with my mother i can't remember when we had it but we were talking about the story of when abraham was ...

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Home remedies to remove Montgomery glands on nipples?

I'm 17 , never been pregnant and I've had these little white spots around my nipples since I can remember. ...

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What is it called if 2 people have the exact same dream, but others remember bits of the same dream?

My sister and her boyfriend have been having the exact same dream for ...

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Help to choose name for electronic gadget shop?

I have these domain names Which of them is the most attractive and ...

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