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I need help with this critical thinking (probability question)?

1.You have a jar of 120 marbles--30 are red, 40 are blue, and 50 are yellow. If you have two picks with replacement, what is your chance of getting ...

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Can my Lenovo H50-55 use this power supply - 305w H305n-00 - as a replacement for the one I have?

I have an old power supply for my dell desktop and my lenovo h50-55 only has 180 watts on the psu, I was wondering if i can switch it with my old ...

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Looking for AMD Radeon HD 6750 replacement?

Hi everyone, I have an old computer, a MEDION AKOYA P5305 D with an AMD Radeon HD 6750 graphics card Since I have no money ...

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Is it possible to boot a computer with a USB and an external HDD? (no internal)?

So I have a computer with a corrupted HDD, a replacement may take a long time. I was ...

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Is there a replacement spice for garlic?

My boyfriend is allergic to garlic and im trying to get him to eat more healthy. Though a lot of healthy dishes call for it. Is ...

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Fuel Injector replacement/compatibility - Cadillac Seville vs. Chevrolet Camaro?

I've a 78 Cadillac Seville with fuel injectors that leak like hell. Can I replace ...

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