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Messenger - I received a message from person using a friend’s name how do I delete, report this?

Someone using a friend’s name sent me a message in messenger app, not realizing it wasn’t my friend I accepted the message then after 3-4 ...

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Write one page security situation report highlighting the recent major security related incidents in

... Sana’a following with your comments regarding potential threats on the UN operation as well your recommendations to reduce the risk?

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Should I report this guy to the police?

Hey,there’s a guy on yt saying he’s gonna “kill people” and throw their body in the dumpsters, and f*** the police because ...

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Cooperative Yard Sales is NOT A SCAM!!!?

I’ve been reading all kinds of “reports” on the internet about Cooperative Yard Sales being a scam and it makes ...

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Can my real estate agent do this?

Recently my mailbox was broken into. I advised the real estate agent and filed a police report for insurance purposes. I threw the key ...

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How many estimated recreational fisherman are there worldwide?

I would like to know, as one of the biggest hobbies in the world. Are there any reports or statistics on ...

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hi im a guy from sg 16 years old i had a girlfriend during that relationship i molested her during her sleep and i was found out she did not report to the police ...

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HELP! ***Who is Nelson Mandela?***?

***Homework report due***

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