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Is there any system or technology that can connect to slitter & customize the production output...

... target daily based on number of defect at master roll? e.g. if the defect number is high the target production output will be low but if defect ...

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Can someone help me with this? It's for an exam?

Which sentence is correctly punctuated with a colon? A: I have finally mastered new tricks for the half-pipe the poptart, the barrel roll: and the ...

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When I retire at 62 can I roll my 401k into my savings account?

Is federal taxes all that will be withheld or is there also a penalty and also what is the percentage for federal taxes ?

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I am getting to fat now help please?

my belly is now getting to 65 inches I can Hadley get out of bed some times I have to roll out and some times I find some food gone ...

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i have this girl in my class named emma she just rolls her eyes at me when i talk to her i need help

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What is Thermal Paper Rolls?

I am going to start Thermal Paper Rolls business, but i have not much more knowledge about this. But my friend suggest me a name 'BPA ...

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