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In Drosophila, when you cross pure-breeding parental lines for the black body (b+), long wings?

... (vg+), lobed eye (r+) by the gray body (b), vestigal wings (vg), round eye (r), it produced 1000 progenies. The following table shows the ...

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The diameter of a cylinder is 8 yd. The height is 8 yd. Find volume in terms of pi?

find the volume in terms of pi and round to the nearest tenth if needed

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Who and when did scientist realize the earth was round?

Before, as history stated, the year 1492 people thought the earth was flat. When did this idea change and who changed it?

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How can a 14 year old earn money quick?

hiya im 14 and is lookin to make money but cannot do paper rounds since of school and the spaces and times my mum is skint these ...

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How come some places on earth is warmer than other places on earth when earth is spinning around the

how come some places on earth is warmer than other places on earth, ...

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How can I get over the death of michael jackson?

he was an amazing person! litteraly 1 in a million! best singer, dancer and just all round amazing entertainer! he had ...

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Hello everyone! I am plan on buying an engagement ring. I found this diamond on Is it okay for $5,500? Please give me ...

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