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If I know my friends long term girlfriend cheated on him and I have proof should I tell him?

They have been dating for almost 3 years and I know it will ruin the relationship but I feel like I should tell him and show him the proof.

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Going on a trip and me and my friends don't want this one person to go. How do I get her to not go?

It's a mission trip for our church. We really don't want to stay with her because she's an unkind person and we know she won't do ...

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I'm 17 years old and I'm still wetting the bed. Yes, this is totally embarrassing me and it ruins?

... my whole life. When I was little it was normal but I didn't stop wetting the bed since I was born. I can use some advices or things that ...

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Pregnant - I'm half way through University should I terminate my pregnancy?

I'm not with the guy and he is desperate for me to have an abortion as he thinks having a ...

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How can I ruin my eyes to get glasses?

Dont say no dont do it- just tell me!!!!

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Help! I am 11 years old in 5th grade. Theres a boy who likes me and wants me to be his girlfriend!?

I don't like him one bit. This is ruining my scocial life. Hes ...

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Is it bad for you hair to take a shower everyday?

I'm just curious! Will it ruin your hair? Damage it? Will it make your hair stronger or weaker? Shinier or duller? ...

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