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Urine has salt which is an electrolyte - wouldn't water/urine combo hydrate faster if dehydrated?

If my buddy is dehydrated - wouldn't it help him hydrate faster if I peed a little bit, let's say 80/20, into a bottle of water and gave it ...

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How do I perform acid based extraction? Say I have ammonia water epsom salt acetone, and acid?

Well if I have lemon ammonia,acid,epsom salt, and water how would I proceed? But with no chemistry experience i would need it explained for dummies. ...

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How do I get salt out of untreated wood, or neutralize its hygroscopic properties?

I spilled A LOT of salt on this untreated wood floor. (1-2 lbs spread over about a 6ft area) I cleaned up the salt the next day, but it had absorbed ...

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Which one of the following is amorphous solid?

A.Diamond B.Graphite C.Glass ...

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How are the boiling and freezing points of a sample of water affected when salt is dissolved in the?

... water? The boiling point decreases and the freezing point ...

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Is the pillar of salt of Lot's wife in the Bible still there?

And why did Lot have sex with his two daughters?

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